Epic Nature Membership Revocation Impacts on Registered Breeding Stock

Good Afternoon RWHA Members and Friends,
There have been questions asked by current members owning registered Epic Nature breeding stock regarding the impact on their herd in regard to the current revocation of membership and registry abilities of Ryan and DeAnn Kolodziej of Epic Nature Farm. To help clarify and answer future questions please read the following information.
“Effective immediately, no stock can be registered by either Ryan Kolodziej or DeAnn Kasubski-Kolodziej of Epic Nature Farm, LLC, through the RWHA. All stock registered prior to this notice, will be grandfathered, but no future stock or offspring stock of any animals registered to Epic Nature Farm, LLC, owned by Ryan Kolodziej and DeAnn Kasubski- Kolodziej will be allowed to be registered moving forward as (a) non-member(s) since membership has received a lifetime banning.”
This excerpt from the published RWHA Membership email and posting is stating that ONLY future stock and offspring stock of animals OWNED/BRED BY RYAN AND DEANN KOLODZIEJ OF EPIC NATURE CANNOT be registered with the RWHA.
This DOES NOT affect the stock owned and bought by members previously. Meaning if you are a current member who owns registered stock that was bred and sold to you by Epic Nature, your stock is still registered, can still produce registerable offspring, and the stock can be sold and/transferred by you. There are no restrictions against the owned stock bred and sold by Epic Nature to memebers and non-members before yesterdays date, September 28, 2022.
If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to the RWHA Board of Directors.
The RWHA Board of Directors