Buyer Beware Epic Nature and Ryan Kolodziej Banned

What does this mean for people looking buy Red Wattle hogs and for those that already own Red Wattles?
If you purchase a Red Wattle from Epic Nature or Ryan the registration papers can not be transferred to you. You will own a pig that can not be registered. If you are just looking for a few pigs to raise for meat you might not think registration is important. For those who want to raise Red Wattles to help preserve and enhance a once dying breed then registration of hogs with the Red Wattles Hog Association is very important. Why does registration really matter? Please read this article from the Livestock Conservancy , Why Registration Matters.
If you are not familiar with or need refreshed on the events that led up to this ban and the consequences that may effect you, the time line and the associated articles are listed below.

  1. Membership Revoked September 9, 2022
  2. Impact on Registered Breeding Stock
  3. Epic Nature Flag Program November 18, 2022