Presidents update March 4, 2023

Hello everyone. I wanted to update some of what the board is working on. I have been talking with Doug at Mountain Niche. It has come to our attention that Doug has never been given a raise since he started with RWHA since it was created. This subject will be brought up at our next board meeting and the goal is to double his income per registration that is handled. This amounts to a $2.50 increase per handling. At the same time we expect to increase the handling rate by $2.50 to membership on each application and transfer to accommodate this increase as our rates to membership has also not increased and are on average less than many of the other heritage breeds. Along with this Doug has agreed to add a link for online membership application and payment, online registration applications and online transfers to the website. His goal is to have this complete by the end of March. All of this with a goal of a less than a month turnaround on paperwork. We feel this will be a great benefit to our membership and look forward to its completion. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
Marc Howe, President RWHA