Way Out West

RWHA Newsletter
“Way Out West – July 2020”

“The RWHA has begun a project to transport registered or will be registered Red Wattles out west.” This was the headline and beginning of an article for the first attempt at an initiative to move genetics and Red Wattle pigs out west. There has been a lot of discussion and need to this day, but the move has really never got off the ground until this year.
A group of RWHA breeders have taken a big interest in sending pigs to the west this year. With the renewed concern and interest of these breeders for the preservation and growth of Red Wattle, the move west is going to happen. RWHA and these breeders are working together to co-ordinate the buyer/seller transactions, transportation and veterinary protocols to make this a safe and successful venture.
If you are interested in helping grow and preserve the Red Wattle but don’t have livestock to contribute, a donation to help defray the cost of transportation or health testing would be very helpful.
Your name will be included on a permanent “Web” plaque along with the names of the livestock contributors and recipients.
Please contact the RWHA Secretary for more details.
Mollie B. Smith-Steffey, Secretary
5249 North Park Place NE #1030
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402