Canadian Report…..

I want to bring your attention to our Canadian members and breeders. Just got off the phone with Julia Smith. I also spoke with her earlier this summer. Julia has been a member of RWHA since 2019. For most of the summer her wells have been dry and still are. She has been having water shipped in all summer long. For winter she is going to ship her pigs out due to the lack of water.
Julia also talked a little about the need for new genetics. With the high cost of exporting pigs to Canada there hasn’t been any new genetics for many years. She said it’s staring to show in the legs of her pigs. I’m sure other Canadian breeders are in need of more diverse genetics as well.
RWHA has had five Canadian members over the years. The first joining in 2009. Julia is the only remaining current member.
Thank you, Julia, for your dedication and persistence.

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